Our Pet Sitting  service enables you to have your pet cared for in your own home over a period of 5 consecutive days or more.  This service is only appropriate for pets who are suited to being alone for long periods of time, therefore we do no recommend this service for dogs, unless other members of your household are still around and you simply wish to maintain your dog’s care routine.  Our Pet Sitting service allows your pet to remain settled in the comfort of their usual surroundings and saves you the inconvenience of dropping off and collecting your pet from a boarding facility.  We can visit once or multiple times per day, depending on the requirements of your particular pet, enabling you to enjoy your time away, safe in the knowledge that you will return home to a well cared for and happy pet.

Pet Sitting ImagePrior to your first booking, we will call to your home to meet you and your pet.  We will find out more about your pet, chat to you about what you would like us to do during the visits – for example feeding, changing bedding, cleaning litter tray and playtime – and agree a schedule for the visit(s).  While you are away we will call to your home at the agreed time each day and ensure that your pet’s needs are fully attended to.  If you wish, for additional peace of mind we are also happy to update you regularly on how your pet is doing by text or via Facebook.

Prices are for 45 minute visits over 5 or more consecutive days within the Lucan area – other areas may incur a small additional charge to cover travel costs.

One visit per day – €14

Two visits per day – €24

One additional pet – free of charge

More than two pets – €5 per additional pet